Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stop telling Rex Ryan what to do

I'm not sure why people say Rex Ryan should change ANYTHING. He's doing everything right. His defense is good. He knows how to coach a rookie with a brain. He knows how to motivate his troops. He knows how to use the media and make things exciting. And most of all, he knows how to watch his weight. All you fucking pompous assholes who think everyone should have muscles and have an awesome body is a girl or a bitch. People are different and that's how they are. Rex Ryan can't help the way he looks. Stop telling him to change this and change that. His defense is fine. His shit talking's fine. And his diet is fine. He eats as much as any normal person. Here's his official diet:

3 Egg McMuffins (900 calories)
2 Sausage Burritos (600 calories)
4 Hash Browns (600 calories)

Quarter Pounder w/Cheese (510 calories)
McRib (500 calories)
Large Fries (500 calories)
2 Hot Apple Pies (500 calories)

2 Big Macs (1080 calories)
2 Filet-O-Fish Sandwiches (760 Calories)
10 piece Chicken McNuggets (460 calories)
Large Fries (500 calories)
Chocolate Chip Cookie (160 calories)

As you can see, it is only 7000 calories. Okay, I lied about the diet, but only what he eats. The amount he eats is actually 7000 calories. NORMAL guys. Get off his nuts you fucking weight watching pricks. Rex Ryan said it best:

"I don't know how losing weight makes me a better coach."


Nick Pomazak said...

hahahaa...he eats filet o fish..

dook!e said...

he is the only person that fills my HDTV from side to side while standing up. his motto is "I follow my gut".