Friday, January 22, 2010

The Passion of the Michael Vick to Air on BET Feb 2

- BET is airing a 10 part series on the tribulations and I guess redemption of Michael Vick beginning on Feb. 2. Scuse me while I kiss the toilet.

- Hey, that picture reminds me, another show starts Feb 2....a show about a creepy island, much like Revis Island. That brings to mind the Jets, and coach Rex Ryan ,who apparently has sent a game ball from his team's upset win over the Chargers to former Marty Schottenheimer as a form of redemption for all those times Schottenheimer got blamed for the Chargers faceplanting in the playoffs when he was the coach. If this makes Marty Schottenheimer feel better about himself he's an even bigger douche than Rex Ryan.
- Norv Turner got an extension after the Chargers got knocked out of the playoffs last week, and now Wade Phillips has been similarly rewarded by the Cowboys. He will get 2 more years.
- This is an FA Cup weekend in England, and since it's only the 4th round it's really not worth covering yet unless somebody big gets knocked out like Man U did by Leeds. I'll let you know if anything similar happens on Saturday.
- The only EPL match on Saturday happens to feature Man U, who will try an vault into first place with what should be a cakewalk at home against crappy Hull City. They will get a boost from the return of defender Rio Ferdinand after a 3 month absence. Hull hasn't won a match since Nov. 25.
- Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien is going to be out 6 weeks after suffering a knee injury playing for Ghana in the African Nations Cup. Essien's had a history of getting hurt playing for Ghana.
- Barca is 14-0-4 in La Liga this year, and they hope to extend their current 5 point lead over Real Madrid with a win over 17th place Valladolid tomorrow.
- A big match in Italy tomorrow, as 3rd place Roma heads to Torino to take on a 5th place Juventus squad that has been bumbling and stumbling as of late and is coming off a loss to Chievo Verona last week. Making things more juicy is that Juve coach Ciro Ferrara is on the hot seat big time, and the home crowd will turn hostile if things don't go well against a Roma squad
that is coached by former Juve boss Claudio Ranieri.

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