Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nice Shootin' Tex

Wow I really did a number on yesterday's games. How's 0 for 2 taste! Eat your fruitcake and like it!

First, the afternoon game. I was sure that the Saints had peaked sometime around Halloween, and would be exposed by the Cardinals. Surely the Cardinals defense only gave up 45 points last week because the Packers offense was sooo good, not because the Cardinals defense was horrible, right? Hmmm. The Cards made Reggie Bush look like Gayle Sayers thru a combination of missed tackles and just not being where they were supposed to be, and got pounded by the Saints 45-14. Tim Hightower broke the first snap from scrimmage for a 70 yard TD, and then from that point on it was all Saints. Reggie broke a pair of long runs, one a truly ridiculous one where it looked like he was tackled, but he wasn't, then he cut back and took it about 40 yards for a TD. He also ran a punt back for a TD.

This game was not competitive. As soon as Kurt Warner was removed from the game after getting xploded trying to make up for throwing an INT, the only thing left to do was look at the Saints cheerleaders in their hooker boots for the remainder of the game.

I actually did not watch the night game, went out for pizza with my lovely wife instead. Didn't miss a whole lot. Indy won 20-3. I guess I should have accounted for the fact that no team has the ability to win on when they are not hitting on all cylinders like the Colts do. Indy looked all kinds of off in this game, so they just went into conservative let's get a win and get out of here mode, and they were able to do so.

Will I redeem myself today? I think I will.

Before yesterday, I was 100% sure the Cowboys would win this game. The Vikings are in that club with the Saints and Colts of teams that ruled in the 1st 10 games of the season and then kind of coasted the rest of the way. I was all about thinking those teams were going to get bounced early. As it turns out though, those teams are now 2-0, and it looks like they were doing the right thing by taking the last few weeks of the season off.

Here's the thing though, the Saints and Colts weren't really trying at the end, but I think the Vikings were. I watched them play horribly in both of their prime time games at the end of the year, getting pounded by Carolina and then losing to a Bears team that is a total mess. The Vikings have transitioned from being a team with an unstoppable running game and a ferocious defense to being a team with a struggling running game and a defense that gives up 36 points to the Bears. They will lose today.



Sorry, I'm not buying what the Jets are selling. Rex Ryan is getting on my nerves and I look forward to ending my football weekend watching them get pounded.



bburns1977 said...

Way to go 0 fer the weekend.

Nick Pomazak said...

my sex is on fire!