Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Thoughts: BCS, NFL, EPL

Some of you that talk to me on Facebook or AOL know that I have 2 month twins, so it's been a problem with consistent updates. Don't do twins if you can help it. It totally sucks. It especially sucks if they're just as asshole as you. You don't realize how much of an asshole you are until your babies do it. But then you think about how they'll do it to other people and you laugh.

So the two losers are asleep now allowing me to make this quick thought update until we get monster pro updates from Nicky P.


For bowl pick 'ems, I usually use vegas odds and rank the bowls according to spread. Boy did that fuck me. Wyoming won as 15 pt underdogs and SMU sexually assaulted Nevada with the same size spread. Blah.

Boise won the Non-conference National Title in a game I tried to watch but fell asleep. That's actually not a dis, I fell asleep. So let me know if the game was good.


Oli. I'm sorry man. I said the Texans would get in but they didn't because the Colts tanked their game.

It's pretty annoying how bandwagon the media is. I'll admit I'm pretty bandwagon, but I'm not media. I'm a sport entertainment writer. I don't report jack shit. You get these media fucks saying the Chargers look like the team to beat as they beat some lame teams, and now it's the Cowboys that are the hottest team. The Eagles didn't care after the first half because they'd just come back in and beat the Cowboys later. Bengals did the same shit. Everyone's feeling sorry for the Patriots losing Wes Welker, but they weren't going to do shit in the playoffs this year anyway. Their defense sucks way too much. It's not that the system or skill isn't there. My hero Belicheck knows what he's doing. The leadership on defense is just lacking. They don't look assertive or confident. I'm guessing the Pats pick up some vets next year.

Who wins the Super Bowl this year? This year's playoffs looks really balanced, but I can't really tell who's playing possum and who's shown all their cards. I mean, the Eagles are a blitzing defense and only blitzed on the Cowboys 6 times or something. The Colts look like everyone's favorite, and I kinda hope they win because of all the talk about MAN THEY SHOULDNT HAVE RESTED PLAYERS THEY SHOULD HAVE PLAYED FOR UNDEFEATED IN THE SNOW IN BUFFALO. I'm picking the Vikings hoping that Peterson picks up his shit and the Vikings D goes back to what they were earlier in the season.

Yes, I feel bad for Zorn. Yes, I feel bad for...Broncos fans.


My Chelsea is losing their best player to the African cup. If Man U doesn't catch up now, they won't at all. Oli won't talk to me about EPL for some reason, so I really don't have anything to talk about.

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Oli Porter said...

What is EPL? until the World Cup, soccer means nothing to me.