Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Donovan McNabb is Stupid

I know I haven't covered soccer lately. Euro qualifiers took the smoke out of me, even with Champions League starting right now. I will say that Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho's quote of saying that they may need to shoot 40 to get 2 goals since it took them 20 to get 1 is pretty right on.

I was driving to work this morning, listening to Rome talk about how some people think there should be an asterisk on Bill Belicheck's Super Bowls, beaming in my mind that I was smarter than Jim Rome, when I listened to Colin Cowherd talk about Donovan McNabb's interview on HBO. After the really shitty game he had...for the past season and two games, he said that Black Quarterbacks get more criticized than any other QB.


  • David "Hitler" Stern is racist.
  • Roger Goodell is getting there (he needs about 10 Black people to shit on; 4 down, 6 to go).
  • Media can be racist sometimes. Look at how TO and Bonds are treated in comparison with other White athletes.

Look, I'm probably the first guy to bust out a race card in a hold 'em game, but Donovan is just stupid. I remember when Steve Price and I would shit on him on our radio show every week whenever we didn't have any material because Donovan sucks so much.

Donovan, maybe people criticize you, not because you're Black, but because you fucking suck. You went to three NFC championships in a row, got Terrell Owens to make the Super Bowl, got some LEGITIMATE criticism from TO about how soft you are, said your team would be better without TO, and now you're crying race because you don't make big plays, have poor accuracy in 70% of your passes, and gave digital AIDS to everyone who watches replays of how much you suck. Bret "First Fucking Ballot" Farve gets criticized WHEN HE SUCKED. This year, he's not so bad and he's throwing bullets. Like, I am so happy for him; it's pretty weird. Anyway, Farve stopped getting criticized, not because he was White, but because he was winning and stopped sucking. When you stop sucking, Donovan (which will be never), then you will stop being criticized. Meanwhile, get your tissues out because now you know why the Eagles drafted another QB. Bitch.


Nick Pomazak said...

You are right on about McNabb. McNabb is a bitch ass crybaby and always has been.

dook!e said...

I totally agree. The funny thing is, Donovan is apparently going to keep playing these race cards until he back to doing soup commercials as a full time job.

Maybe he should play football in freaking Mongolia where nobody cares.

What is it about HBO that brings out the whining in athletes? Is it the possibility of swearing and not getting bleeped out?

Nick Pomazak said...

I think it is Bob Costas' puppy dog face that brings out the emotions in players on HBO

dook!e said...

Or the fact that Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumball seem like Malcolm Ten.

On this occasion I think he was interviewed by James Brown. Not sure if hes the singer James Brown.

Oli said...

I tried to watch the Skins/Eagles game in some crappy San Diego airport bar, but they wouldn't let me, as a passport isn't valid ID?!?!

Completely irrelevant to this post, but I thought you should know.

Patrick N said...



Kenneth said...

I hope to Christ the Bears get McNabb to replace Grossman in some kind of offseason trade. It'll make me laugh my balls off to watch him throw to guys who couldn't catch a cold.