Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fuck Roger Goodell

This picture foreshadows how I do discipline.

Bob Costas interviewed NFL Czar Roger Goodell pretty much to defend the scrutany Goodell's been getting for being so easy on his friend's franchise and Bill Belicheck. Here were the main points of his defense (if I miss some, my bad, I'm doing it off memory and the interview just happened):

  1. Wade Wilson was fined 5 games because it was a 4 game auto suspension for unlawful activity (purchase/use of HGH), and he was given an extra game because Goodell feels that coaches should be held in higher standards than regular players.
  2. Belicheck was fined the most a head coach has ever been fined.
  3. A draft pick has never been taken from a team and will have a great effect on the Patriots.
  4. It is important for him for all 32 teams to know that there needs to be a level playing field at all times and his disciplinary action on Belicheck exemplifies this importance.
All these points were weak to me.

  1. If coaches are held to a higher standard, Pacman Jones was banned for a year for being accused of shit, not really being convicted. Pacman was really banned because he made the league look bad. Belicheck cheated. This makes the league look bad. If coaches are of a higher standard, you ban Belicheck for a season and one game.
  2. Yet Wade Wilson was fined $100,000 because he had erectile dysfunction which is a third of his salary. In comparison with cheating and manipulating the integrity of the game, cheating seems more serious than a coach using HGH because his use has no bearing on the integrity of the game. $500,000 is about right if he also added suspension time. Without suspension time, $500,000 is really nothing because Belicheck is rich and that fine is nothing.
  3. As Bob Costas point out (and Goodell dodged), the Patriots would lose their second of their first round draft picks which is much less significant than the first pick that they have from the 49ers since it's most likely the 49ers pick will be before the Patriots first pick. In order to send his message, Goodell should have taken both first round picks at least.
  4. Taking draft picks does nothing to warn the other teams to play on a level playing field. They'll just pick it up in free agency. Fining a coach is not a warning. He'll just go to the ATM with the kind of money Belicheck is making. Suspension is a warning. Sit at home while your team suffers. That will warn coaches that if you cheat, you sit at home, without pay hopefully, and watch your career in the hands of your assistant coaches.

NFL Czar can suck my dick. Look at Goodell's history of discipline: Pacman got pwnd. Chris Henry got pwnd. Tank Johnson got pwnd. Michael Vick got pwnd. They are all Black and all got suspended. Belicheck is not Black. Fuck you.


dook!e said...

Consider what happens at school if you get caught cheating on a test. You get an F on that test. What better way to punish them than to give them a Loss instead of a Win against the Jets? Roger Goodell is in bed with Roger Kraft.

Patrick N said...

It's funny you say that D because at the college I teach, I caught someone plagiarizing an essay and got her banned from all the State Universities in California for one year AND she failed the class. One season OR a forfeit loss is what I want for Belicheck.

Nick Pomazak said...

I think RG wanted to be cautious with how he disciplined Bchick because who knows how many other coaches are doing this shit....

Patrick N said...

That's a good point Nickkkkk

That would be pretty hilarious if 10 coaches got suspended for one week of games.

Did you hear the Raven's coach (tf is his name i forget) cry about the Jets doing simulated snap counts? AHAAH

Nick Pomazak said...

Billick is a piece of work Patrick...if youve got time for a good football read, pick up the book "Next Man Up" by John Feinstein...he spent the 05 season with the Ravens and wrote a book about it, I'm reading it right now and it's really good..