Friday, September 28, 2007

Socialism vs. Capitalism

Before I go into what I want to write about, I should comment a little bit about the upset of the USA women's soccer abortion that was 4-0 Brazil. Now, some of you may be wondering why the hell I would care about women's soccer, but it's like wondering why I would ever watch women's tennis. The fact is, they're hot, athletic chicks kicking each other. If that's not hot to you, then you must be gay, which is alright with me but I'll never agree with you then that ice skating is a real sport.

In summary, the USA women's soccer team pretty much pwns all kinds of ass kicking, but people could give a shit. Then the USA coach switches the goalies up and we get raped 4-0 by Brazil. The starting goalie before the Brazil game, Hope Solo (daughter of Leia Organa and Han Solo), gave her opinion afterwards even though there's a rule in USA soccer where if you don't play in the game, you can't talk to the media. But since no one in America follows USA soccer, the media didn't know that and asked anyway.

Solo pretty much shit on the coach and the goalie that replaced her and was in all kinds of right. Then in her blog she said the media misconstrued what she was trying to say and that she was not trying to put her coach and the goalie under the bus. Well, sports media got all on her. One of the PTI a-holes was crying that she needs to own up and not puss out about her initial comments, completely forgetting the fact that in fact, she does have a puss. So after all this summary, here's what I have to say about it.

Asking a woman to man up about shit is like asking a man to listen to a woman: it's just not natural. You will never see a woman TO or Ocho Cinco. TO and Ocho Cinco are a-holes and don't back down because they are men. Men don't back down. Women do. Get off her being a puss about it because, if you haven't noticed, she has a puss. I liked that she took a shit on bad decisions from the higher ups, and when she said the media misconstrued it, I got flashbacks of all the times my ex-girlfriends told me I just need to know what she wants like I'm a fucking mind reader. Solo's reaction was natural for a woman, and media needs to recognize that, but they won't because media is largely masculine and could never understand that by definition.

Socialism vs. Capitalism

I was having a good conversation with old buddy Colin P, ex-soccer writer for 411mania and current writer for Insidepulse for comics about Arsenal and how Arsene Wenger rocks all kind of motherfuck. Recently Wenger came out to talk about what he was worried about in English football:

'What disturbs me is that a club lives above its means,' Wenger was quoted as saying in France Football magazine on Friday. 'The true danger today is that people who buy large clubs refinance their purchase by borrowing money, by putting the debt on the account of the club.

This brings out the ironic difference between American and English sports. In America, we fucking HATE socialism to where we don't support public health care. Yet our sports is PURE socialism with salary caps and parity being essential for pro league survival. English soccer is different in that it is purely capitalism. You have clubs that can buy and spend as much as they want, like businesses here in America, and succeed by qualifying for special tournaments or fail by being regulated to lower divisions. Could you image that happening in Major League Baseball? We would have the Cubs, Pirates, and Royals regulated to the third division. But those baseball teams survive on socialism.

Wenger's worry is the worry of capitalism. You spend way above your means in hopes that you come out alright in the future. Loans are essential for company survival else another company with more money comes in to bukake you (like Chelsea does). The two sports systems creates an interesting fan interest dynamic in that American sports fans only care about the post season, where English soccer fans care about every game because every game freakin' counts. Your company depends on it. If you get demoted, you're pretty much fucked because you'll be losing a ton of revenue. In American sports, you want to lose to get the first pick the next season. In English soccer, you just outbid for him.

And while I like the American system because it keeps my Cubs alive, it is nice to need to care about every game when following a team in the EPL. So if you every cry that you hate socialism, don't like American sports because then you'll be liking what you hate.


Nick Pomazak said...

Personally I think instituting a relegation/promotion system would be great for MLS. I think that getting some squads in there from cities that dont have a whole hell of a lot else going on (eg the Rochester Raging Rhinos) would, at least in those places, make the MLS franchise the #1 game in that town, and they cant say that in any of the towns they are currently in

dook!e said...

How does saying some critcism against your coach and/or teammate translate into getting banished from the team? Is this like 5th grade stuff or what?

It probably would have been worse if Hope Solo had said she was gonna hook up with Briana Scurry's significant other.. Shannon Boxx.

dook!e said...

Hope Solo is hot, so I'm on her side. Greg Ryan, not so much.