Friday, September 7, 2007

NFC Should Just Quit Now


So I guess the question now becomes, if the Saints do win the NFC and make the Super Bowl, should they even bother playing it?

The Saints' offense consisted of two main plays last night:

1. Hand ball off to Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush slip and fall down. They ran this play about 15 times.

2. 1 yard dumpoff to Eric Johnson ,who then gets clobbered. I think Johnson had 29 receiving yards on 28 catches last night.

I'll now point out that since their Week 7 bye last year, the Saints record is 6-7. If you don't count the playoffs that's 5-6. Maybe they're really not that good.

Meanwhile, the Colts apparently are very good. Their game plan seemed to be to toy with the Saints then, whenever the mood struck, repeatedly eviscerate former teammate Jason David for long touchdown passes.

Not only was the offense scoring at will, whatever problems their defense had last year that magically fixed themselves in the playoffs are still fixed. I said it yesterday, and now I look more right than ever, this team is going to repeat.

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Patrick N said...

Dude I thought the Saints were legit. After the first half I was like ummm maybe not.. then after the game I was like nm they suckkkkkkk

Everyone knows Peyton's bs audibles and it still bothered the hell out of the Saints' d. And WHAT THE FUCK was with the Saints calling time out at the end of the game with 6 seconds to go just to do another running play and risk injury. HUHZ