Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You're an Owner, STFU

In my place of business (teaching), the most annoying thing is to have some administrator tell you he used to be a teacher so he knows what the fuck he's talking about. What he usually fails to mention is that he's an administrator because he fucking couldn't take being a teacher because all the fucking kids took a shit on him. When you're an administrator, if I'm doing a good job, don't fucking meddle in my shit and criticize me just to establish that you're the one with the fucking power. I know you have power. I don't fucking care. If I did, I would buy an admin credential for 1k like you did and be your boss.

I'm sure any of you can relate to this kind of situation unless you're that asshole meddling admin that wants to also do everything else. If that is you, FUCK YOU. I hope someone ass rapes you and then super glues your asscheeks shut.

Chelski ERR Chelsea is facing that right now with a Russian billionaire owner, Roman Whateverthefuck, who bought Chelsea because he was bored. To his credit, he got and overpaid the best manager he could find, and got all the players Mourinho wanted. And they won. And won. And won. But Roman decided that that shit was boring to play a counter-d style and he wanted to see action packed games, so he bought his friend Shevchenko for a gazillion bucks and wouldn't get the d players Mourinho wanted. They started to suck, and Mourinho said fuck this and now Chelsea is eating a big ass pile of dog shit.

I'm not saying Roman's not smart. He's a fucking billionaire. But Roman, YOU KNOW SHIT ABOUT SOCCER. Hire the best guy and let him do his job.

Now we look at the San Diego Chargers. I was never a fan of Marty Schottenheimer. But this a-hole can win. Winning season all day, too fucking easy. People cry he plays conservative in the playoffs and so that's why he never wins in the playoffs. So fucking what. He wins in the regular season. And not barely. He gets like 14 win seasons as much as I do Roman's mom. All day. Then the General Manager didn't like Marty, and made the owner choose. Well fuck, coaches come and go but good GMs are hard to find, so bye Marty.

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR DECISION? 1-2 record, team imploding, defense gives up more yards and big plays than China gives out SARS. Norv Turner has ALWAYS been terrible. But that's what you fuckin' get for replacing someone that knows what he's doing with someone that talks like he knows what he's doing.

Do you know why Norv keeps getting new head coaching jobs? BECAUSE HE KEEPS GETTING FIRED FROM THEM.

He fucking sucks, sucking fucks, and I'd rather eat dog shit than watch the "new and improved" Chelsea and Charger teams play. I mean, I was pretty excited about Chelsea and the Chargers for the next year, but the wait turned out to be like waiting behind a cow's ass for explosive diarrhea to unload in your face. That is how disappointed and disgusted I am.


Colin P said...

HA! Fuck Mourinho and fuck Chelski!

The real reason Jose left was because he can't fucking handle the butthurt that Arsenal is dishing out this year.

Eat shit Roman; you'll never play like Arsenal, your fucking "fans" won't even come to a Champions League game, and Sheva is a fucking pussy in the Premiership.


Nick Pomazak said...

"But that's what you fuckin' get for replacing someone that knows what he's doing with someone that talks like he knows what he's doing."

- That is very well said.....that happens ALL the time in sports.

Patrick N said...


I like Mourinho, but I would agree the best coach in epl is Arsene Wenger. I want to jump on the Arsenal bandwagon, but everyone's an Arsenal fan!

BTW, Colin, how do you feel about Fabregas's comment that Henry kept the team down and intimidated the team to where it couldn't function. I thought he was just stating the obvious. hehehhehehe

Colin P said...

Hey Patrick

I actually like Mourinho too. I just found this site recently and was waiting for the right blog of yours to respond to.

I think Cesc was right on. Henry was such a dominant personality that would glare at other players whom he thought had made a mistake. Whether that was not passing to him, or missing a shot, whatever. The team is just more liberated, and full of confidence right now.

Hope you and the wife are good.

Patrick N said...

When I watch Arsenal play it's like how futbol should be played and shit. Like people say Cesc is a superstar, but the whole team seems like the superstar (stealing words for someone I forget who) more than anything. Like if no one knew anything about sOccEr, I would tell them to watch Arsenal first.

How did you find the site?


Colin P said...

I found the site from ontheoffense.com. I hadn't been there in a while, and one of your blogs there said something about this blog. This might've been 2 weeks ago, or so.

I'm really just up to work and school right now. Busy.

My rec soccer team in the summer won the League by default, when the other finalists pussed out of the final. So as it stood, I won us the League by dragging the team on my back in the one playoff game we played.

I also write for IP now. I just started as a comic reviewer for the Nexus. Don't know how I let Manolis rope me into that.