Thursday, August 9, 2007

Becks Wants Grass Not Artifical Turf

I wake up this morning and find this from some random fan:

(11:30:30 PM) Knu:
(11:30:32 PM) Knu: cry more plz

So I click on it and this is the article from the Boston Herald:

The playing surface at Gillette Stadium may dissuade David Beckham from taking the field when the Los Angeles Galaxy visit the Revolution on Sunday.

While Beckham was unsure about his playing status for tonight’s match against D.C. United at RFK Stadium, he had a strong message for MLS: Ditch the artificial turf.

Beckham said he’s noticed some things that are “not right” about MLS, and foremost in his mind was the fake grass used at four MLS stadiums. He said the fact that RFK Stadium has the real thing - unlike Gillette, which has FieldTurf - will be a “huge factor” in whether he will play.

“As a professional athlete, you can’t play a game like soccer on that sort of field,” Beckham said. “What it does to your body as a soccer player, you’re in bits for three days after that.”

People are pissed with Becks not playing from an ankle injury after all they hype. The PTI guys say Becks is a wash and a faker. Now I get random people messaging me that Becks is crying about not wanting to play on artificial turf, and I'm sure he's not the only fan to feel the way Knu feels. But one thing you fans have to understand is how Becks feels. He's been playing for the two best soccer leagues in the world, the EPL and La Liga in Spain. All the teams there actually have real facilities. It's like playing in the NBA all your life and then you join a street league and the fucking backboard is metal, there are chains instead of rope in the basket, and there is no give on the rim when you dunk. Screw that.

NFL and Baseball players get more injuries on turf then on grass. It's worse for a soccer player that has to constantly twist and run in different directions, torso one way and legs in another, for 90 minutes. And being the "money solves everything" guy that I am, I side with Becks on this one. You sign up Becks to make your league more respectable. Shithole leagues in Columbia and Africa have grass. How about the former richest country in the world put some grass on the field.


Nick Pomazak said...

I like where he says "you're in bits for three days after that"....thats gold..that's going in the act..

dook!e said...

I agree. I like field turf only to a certain degree. But I also preferred playing soccer in the rain moreso than on a dry field.

But don't sign a contract to play MLS if you aren't going to play due to conditions. If he was really smart, he would have told MLS he wouldn't sign unless all stadiums had grass. Now he's screwed.

Patrick N said...

Naw, he's not screwed. He brings like 10-15k more fans. If he only plays in grass fields and not turf, I bet you they do something about it. oh ho ho I found another article saying that the actual turf he was shitting on is the same turf he uses in his soccer academies. HAHAHAHAHA FUCK THE KIDS.