Thursday, August 30, 2007

New NFL Shield

The NFL shield has taken quite a battering of late...what with the Michael Vick and the Pacman Jones making it rain and the Lance Briggs crashing his Lamborgini then walking away whistling with his hands in his beginning in 2008 the NFL will retire the old shield, and get a new one..and here it is

Very nice. I am told the 8 stars represent the 8 divisions in the NFL. On the old logo, nobody knows what the 25 stars represents. Seriously. It's just kind of arbitrary. The NFL in its history has never had exactly 25 teams. I kind of like how they got rid of the fruity curly "L". The football also appears more erect, which should make Mrs. Football very happy.


dook!e said...

how do you even know there are 2 stars behind the ball? i say the old one had 23 stars, which makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Why does it make more sense with 23 stars? Because it's 23 times more annoying?

-Patrick N