Sunday, August 19, 2007

There's No Season Like Preseason- Week Two!

I have returned to America. I feel like I have done nothing but run around like an idiot since I was 5000 miles from where I am now at 4 AM yesterday, and I am wondering if it would be possible for me to feel any more tired or disoriented right now.

Other than that, I had my fantasy draft today. Peyton Manning was my keeper, and Maurice Jones-Drew was my first round pick after I drew pick nine out of 10. On the back end of that I got Tory Holt, which is nice. I'm pretty sure this is my Week 1 starting lineup:

QB P. Manning
RB Jones-Drew
RB Brandon Jacobs
WR Holt
WR Javon Walker
TE Kellen Winslow
K Adam Vinatieri
D Ravens

I feel good about my QB, wideout, kicking and defense situations. Running back not so much. Unfortunately, by the time my pick came up, there were already 16 running backs taken, so whaddaya gonna do. We'll see how that turns out.

So enough about that, onto week two of the NFL exhibition season.

(2-0) DOLPHINS 11, (0-2) CHIEFS 10
This game marked the big return of Trent Green to Kansas City, and I guess he got booed by the Arrowhead fans. Good for them. I was never a big Trent Green fan. He had a great supporting cast in KC, particularly an O-line with 2 future HOF'ers, a running game feared by everyone, a future HOF receiver in Tony Gonazalez, and he still couldn't manage to win a playoff game. So, yeah, go ahead and boo him all you like. Judging by what happened in my draft today, I'm guessing most people aren't very high on Ronnie Brown this year. He looked good in this game though, carrying 13 times for 57 yards. It's looking to me like Brodie Croyle has the inside track for KC's starting quarterback job. He threw a TD pass and an ugly INT.

(1-1) FALCONS 13, (1-1) BILLS 10
One thing I'd love to know is if Jerrious Norwood is finally going to unseat Warrick Dunn as the Falcons' feature back this season. Unfortunately, this game tells me nothing about that because neither of those guys got a carry. For Buffalo, first round pick and new starting RB Marshawn Lynch did get five carries, but managed only 16 yards. Lee Evans had 2 catches for 42 yards. Third round QB Trent Edwards played well for Buffalo, completing 11 of 16 and throwing a TD pass to Roscoe Parrish.

(1-1) EAGLES 27, (1-1) PANTHERS 10
Philly got squashed in their preseason opener, so if you like betting preseason football, it would have been smart to put some money on them in this game. Of course, if you like betting preseason football you probably have a very serious gambling problem. The Eagles were impressive, throttling the Panthers 24-3 in the first half. Lito Sheppard picked off a Jake Delhomme pass for a TD, and rookie RB Tony Hunt scored twice for the Eagles. Hunt is a third round pick out of Penn State, and he's 230 pounds. He's going to get every chance to be what Brandon Jacobs has been for the Giants the last 2 years, so keep an eye on him.

(1-1) VIKINGS 37, (1-1) JETS 20
Chad Pennington threw 2 touchdown passes. To the Vikings. Darren Sharper and 06 first rounder Chad Greenway both had pick sixes. It is a privilege to report that Pennington got picked off twice for a TD. I probably spelled privilege wrong too. How do you like that you Oxford educated sissy boy. The Vikings D also scored on a fumble recovery. This game was a complete abortion for the Jets, therefore, I am going to bet all the money I have on them next week in keeping with my theory I described in the Eagles recap. I'm going to be richer than Biff Tannen was in the alternate 1985 in Back To the Future 2. In other news, Adrian Peterson had 70 yards on 8 carries and a TD. I'm starting to wish I did these recaps BEFORE my draft today instead of after.

(1-1) TITANS 27, (0-2) PATRIOTS 24
Before Patriots fans start cracking each other's skulls open and feasting on the goo inside because of their 0-2 X-Season start, let's remember that the Pats were up 17-7 at halftime, so the real Patriots won easily. Vince Young made his first appearance of 2007 and was awful. He was 5 of 17, as he waits in joyful hope for the coming of the broken leg he will inevitably get after being the Madden 08 cover boy. He also got absolutely coldcocked on a sack by Rodney Harrison. Titans' first round pick Michael Griffin had 2 picks, and Cortland Finnegan picked off Tom Brady for a touchdown. Chris Brown averaged 6.7 yards on 10 carries for the Titans.

That's it for today, more tomorrow.

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WELCOME BACK. In your absence, we found out that the Raiders still suck.