Thursday, August 23, 2007

Out On A Limb- NFC Central

I have more shocking and controversial predictions! This time about the NFC Central...

Here's how they'll do in 07.

1. Chicago Bears 11-5
This is an exciting season for Bears fans, because they'll actually have some meaningful regular season games against good teams. Last year got a little boring what with the weekly beatdowns of whatever tomato can was lined up in front of them. That's probably how it is being a Boise State fan every day of the year except for their bowl game.

2. Green Bay Packers 8-8
This will be the best 8-8 team in the league this year. Their defense is a year away from being one of the top 5 in the league. Thisyear, there are road games at the Giants, Broncos, Cowboys, Rams, and Chiefs that are going to keep the Pack out of the playoffs.

3. Detroit Lions 7-9
Now meet the worst 7-9 team in the league this year. I will also take this opportunity to make my first 2008 prediction, when the Lions, who will have improved by 4 wins over the year before, will be the sexy pick to make the Super Bowl out of the NFC, and will fall flat on their asses.

4. Minnesota Vikings 4-12
I look at this team and see the 2004 Chicago Bears. And that ain't a good thing. This offense will be the gold standard of terribleness in 2007. A curse on Brad Childress' moustache.


Patrick N said...

Lions are 7-9? FUCK THAT. Mike "Xenu" Martz has convinced Jon Kitna that they will be an 11-win team.

dook!e said...

Yea.. the lions will go 7-9 just like the redskins. now they've rid themselves of all their locker room cancers, they are the best-worst team in the NFL.

Nick Pomazak said...

I luuuuv it when you bust out the "Xenu" stuff...