Monday, August 20, 2007

Bosie State

Mark Schlabach crunched some numbers, or at least had his underlings do it for him, and came to a startling conclusion which seems to backup my cries for a Bosie St. - Florida national championship game last season..

Boise State, which finished undefeated and beat Oklahoma 43-42 in overtime
in the Fiesta Bowl last season, was the second-most underrated team of the last
10 years. The Broncos were ranked in the preseason only once (18th in 2005), but
finished the season ranked four times, including No. 5 last season. TCU also was
among the top 10 most underrated team.

Now I'm not saying I'm right (I totally am), but considering that Ohio St. is a top 5 OVERrated team and Bosie St. is a top 2 UNDERrated team, wouldn't the numbers indicate that an undefeated Bosie team should have played vs Florida over a 1-loss Ohio St. team? And the telling fact is this, if your PREseason ranking isn't very good, you basically have 0% chance of being in the title game. Funny how a preseason ranking determines your entire fate, even before stepping onto the field.

So if your favorite team is beginning the 2007 season outside the top 10 in
the AP or ESPN/USA Today coaches' polls, you'd better hope for an undefeated
season. Otherwise, your team has a very small chance of winning the national


Nick Pomazak said...

You repeatedly spell "Boise" wrong...I can feel the value of my Bradley U. diploma going thru the floor with each passing second

dook!e said...

I done that on purpose.. Bosie is much easier to type. At least I didn't light roman candles underneath your doorway.