Friday, August 24, 2007

La Liga, EPL, MLS Preweekend

La Liga

La Liga starts this weekend and Real Madrid seems to make everyone's news list because they are always buying new players as an excuse for poor play. This may be because they spent 121 million Euros (€) on transfer players. OMG. Who did they get?

Christoph Metzelder Defender (free transfer)
Pepe Defender (€26M)
Javier Saviola Second Striker (free transfer)
Jerzy Dudek Goalkeeper (free transfer)
Wesley Sneijder Creative Midfielder (€26M)
Royston Drenthe Left Defender/Midfielder (€14M)
Gabriel Heinze Left Defender (€10M)
Arjen Robbin Wing Midfielder (€36M)

Holy crap? This weekend they play crosstown rival Athletico Madrid. The drama (besides being almost as hated rivals as Barcelona/RM) is that Reyes, who was a big part of Real Madrid winning the La Liga title last year, is now on Athletico Madrid and is ready to prove something to Real Madrid. That coupled with a brand new team smells of a loss. Reyes added on the pressure:

"Atlético will win 2-0 and I will score a goal.

"We have a great team and all the players have settled in well, but Real are not yet ready because of the fact that they have signed players so late.

"Real Madrid continued to call me even when I had agreed to join Atleti. Mijatovic phoned and said that I could not go there and that I had to stay with Madrid."

Sounds like a lot of butthurt to be released.

Barcelona, Kobe Bryant's favorite team, plays Racing Santander, so nobody cares about that.


If you look at one of Real Madrid's signing, you may recognize that Heinze came from Manchester United. Heinze was slated to join rivals Liverpool, but SIR Alex and Co. said they don't sell to rivals. A whole appeals process came about where Heinze said he had a letter from Manchester United saying he could move, but Manchester said, ya, but not to a rival, a-hole. So Heinze ended up going to Real Madrid.

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez got a bit butthurt about it saying there was clear favoritism towards "certain clubs." Well, SIR Alex wasn't going to let that shit slide. SIR Alex revealed that Man U is looking to press for disciplinary actions on Liverpool for the Heinze situation:

"We are looking at Liverpool's whole role in this," he said.

"We are not letting them off with it. That is what we are investigating. We will see how it comes out. David Gill (chief executive) is working on that at the moment. We will get to the bottom of it.

"There was never any chance of Liverpool winning that case, so Rafa clearly did not read the Premier League rules. It is just churlish."

You know you just got buttfucked when someone calls you "churlish." Wait, what the fuck does "churlish" mean?

churl·ish [chur-lish] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –adjective a churl; boorish; rude: churlish behavior.
2.of a churl; peasantlike.
3.niggardly; mean.
4.difficult to work or deal with, as soil.

OMFG HE SAID RAFA WAS A NI...Oh...he was saying Rafa was being rude. nm.


LAFC played Chivas USA and got STOMPED 3-0. Beckham was playing on one foot and just arrived from a English/Germany friendly. Some of the other Galaxy players were also coming back from the USA/Sweden game. They were tired and it showed. The best part about this game was when some Chivas guy named Marsch decided to come in hard behing a tired as fuck Beckham and bust a mean ass high kick to Beck's right hip. Beck's doens't let elite players in La Liga do that. But an MLS goon? HAHAHAH Shit hit the fan as Becks went apeshit. Apparently the kick was a retaliation shot:

"He kind of got a piece of me the play before that and so it was somewhat of a retaliation, somewhat of a tactical foul because he was on the break," Marsch said. "It was harder than I would have liked it to have been. I apologized to him and I told him I respect what he's about. He was kind of dumb with me though."

AHHAHAH He called Becks DUMB. YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. What do you think Becks is going to do? Say, "NICE ONE MATE YOU SHAGGED MY LEG GOOD." As it should be, both benches cleared and Chivas defender Alex Zotinca busted a Zidane headbutting Galaxy midfielder Kevin Harmse, so Harmse unloaded on Zotinca's face. Both were sent off with red cards. This shit was a fake rivalry, but now it's legit. Marsch tried to down play it after calling Becks DUMB:

"It was two teams standing up for guys on their team," Marsch said. "I think everybody respects him over there and I hope that guys respect what I'm all about here. I appreciate all my teammates sticking together."

Yeah, dipshit. You guys were sticking up for each other. Guess how they fucking do that? The next time you're on the pitch against the Galaxy, someone's going to slide behind your ankles and you'll have to use your high school diploma to get a new job. You DO realize that the Galaxy have nothing to play for and put on Becks to bring in large ticket sales? Remember 66,000? Do you realize how much, Marsch, you would cost other clubs in revenue if you would have fucked up in your retaliation and dropped on Beckham's ankle? Someone should fuck you up just because. Maybe the NBA ref mafia needs a call.

BTW, didn't I say that Chivas was going to do something to Beckham. This shit is going to get worse.


dook!e said...

That shagging from behind Becks was a lazy play on Marsch's part. But then again, Xavier's shag at the 6yd line was pretty lazy too. Those are the plays where the yellow cards need to come out. Not after a headbutt and punch.

Funny how even refs in high school will do this same course of action.. its how you lose control of games.

dook!e said...

Wait.. what the F is "butthurt" and why do I have to read that 10 times per posting?

Nick Pomazak said...

Tomorrow I will finally be home to watch the EPL..I plan at waking up at 6 AM and having a full boner for 5 hours..i am as happy as a little girl

Nick Pomazak said...

dookie i am going to make your butt hurt..and im going to use my fist

dook!e said...

geez you figure he had a 10 hour flight, he should be able to shave his fotch. maybe he was doing his wife the whole ride home. makes you wonder what lando calrissian was doing on his flight.