Monday, August 6, 2007

Hall of Fame Game- Saints Season Over

The Saints' dreams of a Super Bowl season were dealt a probably fatal blow when they dropped their preseason opener to the Steelers, 20-7. They'll probably play out the remainder of their 16 game schedule, although I don't really see the point.

But seriously folks, preseason openers actually do have some importance to teams that have a new head coach, like the Steelers do. Having a strong performance in the first outing against outside competition does nothing but aid the process of the players buying into the new coach's program. It's a good thing for the Steelers that they looked as good as they did in their preseason opener.

WR Cedric Wilson has been chirping about not getting enough balls thrown his way. In this case, it looks like the squeaky wheel got a little grease, as Wilson continually burnt the Saints' secondary deep, catching 4 passes for 99 yards.

The only thing that stood out about the Saints in this game was how bad everyone looked. Drew Brees went 1 for 6, and the re-vamped secondary was just scorched over and over again early in the game when both first teams were in.


Patrick N said...

I know it's preseason, but I thought Steelers were gunna suck after Sgt. Slaughter left. They looked pretty legit. Too bad Raiders went 3-0 in preseason and got #1 pick. :/

Nick Pomazak said...

anything that happens in practice or a preseason game means pretty much nothing..unless its an drives me nuts when i hear douchebag reporters talk about how good someone looked in practice...most players who are established arent trying in practice....richard dent used to spend his practices sending ballboys to get the phone numbers of women he saw in the crowd watching practice..thats how much practice means