Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hype and Overhype

Just saw LAFC vs. DC United with Beckham's first start, yellow card, and goal. First off, after watching Man U and Chelsea pwn it up, MLS action sucks. If you put 4-year olds on a grassy field, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and MLS teams. Second, Becks first goal had to come from a freekick. It was the funniest thing to see the DC United goalie tell the 6-man wall where to stand only to have the ball curve and not even try to save Becks' freekick. Welcome to a real freekick.

Donovan is not a captain. He sucks. They gave the band to Becks, but I think they really should give it to their goalie, Cannon, who had a zillion sweet saves and was instructing and motivating the team all game. At one point, after the LAFC defense laxed up allowing a free shot, Cannon yelled, "WAKE UP. FUCK." Good man.

The other Superliga semifinal match up, Pachuca vs. Houston, was DIRTY. Red cards, fouls, and a penalty shoot out. That shit was fun. Pachuca vs. LAFC is going to be fun if Pachuca tries to take out the MLS' star attraction. Wouldn't that be funny?

One last thing; the interview with the Mexican guy and Beckham showed how much class Becks has. The entire interview was done in English, then the Mexican interviewer asked if Becks could bust out some Spanish for the Mexican viewers, and being someone who was playing for Real Madrid in Spain for 4 years, he busted it out. Having watched La Liga and the FMF for years (or because my wife is Mexican), I could make out that Becks was saying how good something was. That part was pretty cool. Becks was worth all and is all the hype.

After my last entry, many of you might be expecting to bomb on Man U more after their Round 2 in the EPL. I mean, they tied 1-1 while Chelsea won 2-1 losing 2 more points from the lead, Cristiano Ronaldo got butthurt and headbutted his way to a red card and an autosuspension for the next round, and Man U is turning out to be overhyped. Those that expect me to bomb on Man U are absolutely right. What a disaster. To be fair, it's pretty common in soccer for teams to not gel when a few new players are added. To be even more fair, fuck Man U. I told you they suck. Chelsea rocks. They have a bunch of injuries and are still winning. Mourinho's team looked lethargic first half, so he makes some strategic moves and BAM instant 2 goals t00 ez.

Look, SIR Alex is a great coach. He'll turn Man U around. It's just fun to shit on them because everyone picked them to be so awesome while I thought they were overhyped. Now they they are sucking, people are jumping on the overhyped bandwagon of mine, so Imma say they will come back. I did tell Oli Porter my EPL table prediction, so ask him if I'm bsing:

1: Chelsea (if healthy, otherwise, #2 becomes #1)
2: Liverpool
3: Arsenal
4: Newcastle United
5: Manchester United


Oli said...

Those were indeed your picks.

I think the top four will be the same as last year, what order I don't know.

Instead, you get my relegation picks:

18. Middlesbrough
19. Bolton
20. Derby

Fulham will struggle but stay up, Sunderland and Birmingham will both do better than anyone thinks.

Patrick N said...

You know you're hardcore when you know who's competing for relegation. I don't even know. :( Doesn't Fulham have the most American players on their team?

Oli said...

They did have a dew, now Lawrie is trying to turn them into his Northern Ireland side.

I know McBride fucked himself up after scoring today, funny stuff..