Thursday, August 2, 2007

Manchester United's 9-Year Old Phenom

I would usually be against signing kids that aren't even legal to drive, but this 9-year old, Rhain Davis, rapes. I can't even write anything that would do this kid justice. Just watch.


Nick Pomazak said...

So he's NINE and he's already under contract to Manchester United????

That's younger than that kid in the movie who broke his arm and then was pitching for the cubs..

Patrick N said...

In soccer, they have youth leagues and shit. It's kind of like little league baseball, except the jersey he wears is actually an official club jersey.

That's why I always thought it was stupid that David Stern put an age limit. Mark Cuban had an idea of having an academy incorporating school and training for a pro basketball life, an idea I'm pretty sure he lifted from how soccer works.

Cubs are in first place BTW. WOOT.