Thursday, August 2, 2007

Superliga Semifinal Preview

On the 12 hour flight back, I played on my Nintendo DS and beat Mega Man 2, Blaster Master, and Code Name: Viper. I'm the best.

Superliga pits teams from the FMF and MLS attempting to create a Champions League feel without the home/away games (probably because FMF teams that play in America actually have WAAAY more fans than MLS teams). The only other country in North America is Canada, and they don't have a high profile league. So we'll probably be only seeing MLS and FMF teams for awhile.

This tournament would be great if the MLS wasn't playing preseason form FMF teams. It's pretty annoying to hear MLS fans say, "SEE. LOLROFL WERE JUST AS GOOD AS FMF TEAMS CUZ WE WON. JUST LOOK AT SEMIFINALS ROFLLMFAOLOL!!1" Remember when the Raiders went 3-0 or something in preseason? Yeah, they got the #1 pick the year after. As a result, you have this kind of Semifinal:

Houston Dynamo (USA) vs. CF Pachuca (MEX)

Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) vs. D.C. United (USA)

ZZZzzz boring. MLS is only making money off this because Chivas and Club America bring in tons of fucking fans. With them out, no one is watching this shit. No one unless Beckham gets healthy, which may not be until the Finals (semis are being playing Aug 14-15). Move this shit near the end of the MLS season. That would be great, thanks.

My picks are Dynamo and D.C. United in the Finals with the Dynamo taking it all.


Ryan Kelly said...

have you ever played bomber man 64? that rivals mega man any day, man. well not really, but in multiplayer it rocks the world. i think your predictions are right on the money, though next time i think it would rock if you make fun of beckham, as only you can.

Patrick N said...

I played Bomberman on Nintendo DS vs my other two brothers and got a big ole teabag. If I knew how to play it, I bet it rocks multiplayer like you say. One funny thing about that game is my brother's strategy: he suicides, then uses the revenge feature to take out another player, and comes back in and pwns everyone. That made everyone around us pretty pissed, but I was laughing, so it was okay.

I'd make fun of Beckham maybe about two years ago, but since he bailed out my Real Madrid last season and actually was pretty important using his crosses, demeanor, and professionalism to help them win La Liga, I have a hard time turning on him. I do think Blanco is waaaay better, but that would be like saying Dwayne Wade is better than Shaq; they just play different roles. And if you saw the end of the game where the refs were trying to rig for Chivas, Becks got up, like i knew he would, and just yelled at the refs. He looks like a pansy, but he was Real Madrid's enforcer/retaliator (which says a lot about how much lack of heart RM had), so I'm going to lay off him until he gets back. He DID hurt his ankle playing for England and made it 100x worse playing in the final game for RM.