Monday, August 20, 2007

Refs Say Sorry In Soccer

In the NBA, refs fuck up and any players that cry about it get fined. We come to find that one of their own was gambling and rigging games. Then instead of apologizing for it, the NBA decides to drop TIMMY as an isolated incident just as TIMMY is about to bust a Jose Canseco and drop 20 names of refs that gamble which, if true, drops 1/3rd of the NBA ref roster. HAHAHAHHAHA MARK CUBAN WAS RIGHT. Instead of apologizing for obvious haxing of the NBA Finals, Cuban was called a crybaby. Anyone who complains about refs in the NBA is labeled a crybaby. Too bad the crybabies were right.

In soccer, the world is a bit different. In the big face off of Chelsea (Patrick N's team) at Liverpool (Oli Porter's team), Liverpool should have won but Chelsea was awarded a bs penalty kick. Liverpool manager Benitez cried about the obvious fuck up. Did Benitez get fined? Nope:

Former referee Hackett is general manager of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), the body which oversees referees.

The referees' supremo has apologised to Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez for the error.

Hackett added: "I spoke to Rob this morning and obviously he is extremely disappointed with the decision and admitted he got it wrong. I have left a message with Rafael Benitez to apologise.

"Having looked at a video and seen a better angle and a better view, clearly he (Styles) now recognises that he got it wrong and he's deeply apologetic for that. I think, in fact, he too will be making contact with Liverpool in order to offer his apologies."

-BBC Sport

Hey, cool. He said sorry. Furthermore, Oli Porter's favorite ref, Styles, got a one match ban. Owned. Another ref, assistant ref Ian Gosling got a match ban for messing up in the Middlesbrough at Fulham match. That's why I like soccer. Shit is run fairly as possible. The only thing soccer needs to pick up on is having machines help if a goal passes a goal line. I mean, tennis has it and tennis sucks.

Other Stuff

Man U actually lost against city rivals Manchester City. Oops. Man U fans have hit the panic button saying Tevez is a piece of crap. How about you're only in the 3rd fucking game of the season. 35 more to go a-holes. Someone give Man U fan a teddybear and hug. And maybe a tampon.

American Fulham striker Brian McBride, probably the best USA soccer player right now, dislocated his knee and is out for three months. I'm not a doctor, but I heard you never will be the same after a knee dislocation. I heard from watching Family Guy.

Speaking of the panic button, Real Madrid lost a preseason cup to Sevilla and now everyone and their mom is asking for new coach Schuster's firing. Wow. I mean, how about wait until the SEASON FUCKING STARTS in La Liga before panicking. That would be like the Raiders panicking just because they lost a bunch of preseason games. Oh wait, they should panic.

Beckham took a big shit on the New York Red Balls on one foot, but he can't play defense either. If you score four goals, you should win a soccer game. I don't fucking care if it's a game with 3rd graders. But somehow, LAFC lost 5-4 at a packed as shit 66,000+ Giants Stadium. And they say soccer had no fans in America. One thing, for those bitches that cry about Becks hitting the wall in every free kick, there's a reason Becks hates Astroturf. BTW, I like how Sol Campbell, Steven Gerrard, Owen Hargreaves, and Darren Bent dropped from playing the next English friendly match, but one-legged Beckham is flying overnight after a game.

Pachuca looks like they're going to shit on everyone in the FMF winning their first three games. Club America needs to fire Tena.

I can't find a clip of it, but Mr. White, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, busted a shot from Cambodia for a goal against Real Salt Lake. I am really jealous of Chicago getting Mr. White.


dook!e said...

Looks to me like Mr. White was a good 25yds out with that sick volley.

Nick Pomazak said...

"If you score four goals, you should win a soccer game. I don't fucking care if it's a game with 3rd graders."

That's gold.

Patrick N said...


tyty nicky p hehehehheheheheh