Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

La Liga

For those of you that were expecting to see Real Madrid or Barcelona on TV(the only two teams worth seeing in La Liga), you probably found out that some German game was playing and thought, "WHAT THE..." And unless you lived in Spain, the only way you could watch Real Madrid and Barcelona was through Chinese p2p video site. It's a complicated issue, but it comes down to a pissing match.

Sogecable owns 80% of La Liga broadcasts while Mediapro owns 20%. So Mediapro decided to buttfuck Sogecable by buying individual team rights for a lot of money (basically, Mediapro was like, "Hey RM, here's a zillion dollars, can you ignore Sogecable's rights and let us air your shit?").

As you can probably guess, Sogecable is a bit butthurt about it, so they claim Mediapro owe them €58M (58 million Euros). Mediapro is like FU, but are getting barred from stadiums (through magic I guess) and are unable to broadcast some of the rights Mediapro bought (such as RM and Barcelona), and Sogecable makes watching RM and Barca games only available through PPV (suck a dick?). Mediapro is responding by playing other games they have full access for for free during these PPV broadcasts, but as I said before the only teams to watch in La Liga are RM and Barca.

So, for as long as I can keep it up, here's the Real Madrid second goal:

Real Madrid looked pretty good in terms of offense. Last year they were scrappy style possession football; this year they are creative style put as many shots on goal. Most people like to watch the latter, but the former won them their first title in 4 years, so here's hoping pretty football can lead to championship football.

I'd show Barca clips, but it was 0-0 and Barca's "Fantastic Four" of Messi, Ronaldinho, Eto'o, and Thierry Henry, as predicted, turned out to be a dud. The in-fighting has already started.


Chelsea played like shit and still won with a lucky as fuck Frank Lampard blast. To Lampard's credit, he didn't play too bad this weekend. Chelsea looked vunerable as hell in defense and their offense was missing that last pass. Their midfield was controlling and taking a lot of balls, but the front line of Pizarro (who turned out to be a pretty good, cheap buy) and last year's goal leader Drogba were playing a bit crappy. But they won, and with Manchester City finally losing, Chelsea is at the top of the table.

Man U finally scored winning 1-0. Man U looks like crap. I know they are missing Rooney and C. Ronaldo, but I don't think these guys are going to solve the chemistry issue. Here's Nani's blast from Cambodia:


Chivas won 3-1 over Atlas. Fuck them. Club America won 4-1, but played against a shitty ass Tecos team. Federico Insua is a BEAST. I know this clip sucks, but check out Insua ankle-breaking three a-holes to the ground before getting an assist:

Their other new signing, Rodrigo Lopez, is pretty good at finishing. He had a nice hattrick this game. Club America is pretty good at slapping down newbs. Too bad they can't beat hard teams.


Nick Pomazak said...

I watched Arsenal v. Man City this weekend..and MCFC's keeper is off his ass....he stopped this PK where before the guy kicked it he spread his arms and legs out to make himself look real big..i dont know why nobody ever thought to do that before...that was a great psych-out..way better than anything in BASEketball

Patrick N said...

LOL BASEketball was the best movie everrrrr

It looked stupid as hell when it first came out, so I never watched it. Then my birthday passed this past weekend and some a-hole got me BASEketball cuz he knew I hated it. I'm like you bitchhhhh and I just saw that shit last night ROFL that was funnyyyyyy

Arsenal's pretty good. :/ They lost Thierry Henry and got better. HUH. Cancer alert.

Nick Pomazak said...

Dude....I heard a player for Sevilla had a heart attack on the field and died this weekend???

Patrick N said...

Yeah Antonio Puerta. I didn't write about it because frankly the news depressed me a little. He was only 22 and a pretty cool guy. He had three heart attacks; one on the field, one while being loaded on the ambulance, and one at the hospital. He was in a coma before he died. It was good that he did though because he was going to have major brain dmg if he did revive.