Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SIR Alex Was Wrong

In the 2006-2007 season, garbage-style striker Ruud van Nistlerooy was dumped by SIR Alex in favor of a young Cristiano Ronaldo after Ruud and Ronaldo came to blows when Ruud called Ronaldo a ballhog. Dumped by SIR Alex even though Ruud had chances to ditch Man U for more money but didn't. Dumped when he was Man U's all time leading goal scorer in European Cup with 38 and a sick 95 goals in 140 appearances for the club. They dumped him to my favorite a-hole buy all the good players team in Spain, Real Madrid. Ruud ended up helping Real Madrid win their first La Liga title in four years and getting the top goal scorer of the league and won best signing, player, and striker in a 140,000 ballot by As.com (a leading Spanish sports mag). Sir Alex could have admitted fucking up in letting him go and not solving the Kobe vs. Shaq-like conflict, but got lucky in winning the 2006-2007 Premiership Title and, instead, stated that they obviously didn't need Ruud.

Now we are three games into the 2007-2008 EPL season and, in an attempt to fuck me over in my bet with Oli Porter, Man U is trying to sign Obafemi Martins (a person favorite player of mine having said "hi" to him on the phone once) from Newcastle United because they need a new Ruud van Nistlerooy.


Hey SIR Alex, how about you not jack up a team that doesn't suck and deal with your own problems. You replaced Ruud with Saha and found Saha SUCKS ASS. GOOD JOB. Thank you so much for giving up Ruud to Real Madrid. Now, if Rooney can get butthurt again about Cristiano Ronaldo, and refs can continue to allow him to get abused and not call shit, we'll be taking his ass as well. Bitch.

Check out how badass Martins is.

Fucking hands off, SIR A-hole.


dook!e said...

i love that song..

dook!e said...

Ruud van Nistlerooy is the best name in sports.. no.. wait.. ROn Mexico was better.