Friday, August 3, 2007

A "Nicer" Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has been known to be arrogant, quick-witted, and a big shit talker. He's the perfect Patrick N guy. Mourinho said he would be more low key this coming season and more flattering to other teams. He started well by saying great things about Beckham and the MLS.

But who are we kidding? Mourinho saying he's going to be low key is like me saying I will never be sarcastic or swear in an article ever again.

Mourinho won Champions League building a team with above average skill like FC Porto and moved to Chelsea where the Russian checkbook gave Mourinho any player willing to be overpaid. He consequently took hits in his ability to manage because critics claim anyone can win with Mourinho's budget. Well now the tables are turned and the "low key" Mourinho is quick to say that American owned Manchester United now has the pressure all on them to perform like Mourinho did before. Chelsea had one big signing and a bunch of free transfers. Manchester United, however, opened the checkbook because they liked the feeling Chelsea had of buying the best players and winning championships. Here's who Man U got:

  • Anderson (FC Porto, £8m)
  • Owen Hargreaves (Bayern Munich, £16.8m)
  • Nani (Sporting Lisbon, £8m)
  • Carlos Tevez (West Ham United, £20m + £2m compensation for contract dispute)

Use to find out how high profile and good these players are. Also, remember that I'm using "£" and not "$," which means you need to about double the number and you get USA dollars. Also remember that these numbers are not how much a player gets paid but how much the club had to pay the previous club to get the guy. In other words, I'm giving you the transfer fee.

Mourinho is a crafty lil bitch. While Man U got a bunch of high profile transfers, Chelsea only got one. Here's what Chelsea got:

  • F Malouda (Lyons, £13.5m)
  • S Sidwell (Reading, free)
  • C Pizarro (Bayern Munich, free)
  • Alex (PSV Eindhoven, free)
  • T Ben Haim (Bolton Wanderers, free)
  • S Searle (Basingstoke Town, free)

Malouda was player of the year in the French Premier League. Consider him being got on the cheap. Everyone else that was picked up is a solid backup fixing the problem Chelsea had last year with injuries. Oooohh that crafty Mourinho. The pressure is off you because you're a dick and you don't care what people say. That kind of attitude makes you my hero.

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