Monday, August 13, 2007

Still More Week One

These exhibition games just never end do they?

DOLPHINS 18, JAGUARS 17 (Halftime- Jags 10-3)

Dennis Northcutt apparently plays for Jacksonvile now, and he caught a TD pass in this game. That guy seemed like he was playing for Cleveland so long I remember him catching a pass from Brian Sipe. Doesn't look like Teddy Ginn played. I no see his name in the boxscore anywhere. Former Chargers backup running back Jesse Chatman busted a 74 yard TD run for the Fins. Trent Green was 6 of 15 for 60 yards and an INT in his Dolphins debut. Mark me words, this will turn out worse than the Daunte Culpepper thing did for Miami. Not sure how that is possible, but just you wait.

BROWNS 16, CHIEFS 12 (Halftime- Chiefs 7-6)

There's only 2 people on either of these teams who sseeing them in an exhibition game makes me even the least bit tingly, and that would be Priest Holmes and Brady Quinn, and neither of them played. Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard engaged in Round 1 of their KC starting QB Demolition Derby, and were both pretty bad, each throwing an INT and neither throwing a TD. I see here the Browns have a guy named "Steptoe" on their team. Little known fact: Sanford and Son is a takeoff of an English sitcom named Steptoe and Son.

PACKERS 13, STEELERS 9 (Halftime- Steelers 9-3)

Mark this down fantasy owners, it looks like rookie Brandon Jackson is going to be GB's starting running back in Week One. The second round pick out of Nebraska carried 16 times for 57 yards. Aaron Rodgers played pretty much the whole game, and completed 18 of 27 for 168 and a TD. The Packer defense racked up 5 sacks.

PANTHERS 24, GIANTS 21 (Halftime- Panthers 17-14)

Wow, some offense in this game by guys I've actually heard of! Steve Smith and Jeremy Shockey both had TDs. DeShaun Foster carried 5 times for 62 yards. Carolina practice squad receiver Taye Biddle had 108 yards and 2 TDs, while first round linebacker Jon Beason had 8 tackles and a forced fumble for the Panthers.

BEARS 20, TEXANS 19 (Halftime- Texans 12-7)

Matt Schaub was 3 of 5 for 25 yards in his Houston debut. Bears receiver Mark Bradley continues his push toward induction in the NFL Exhibition Season Hall of Fame with 2 catches for 47 yards. The Bears had SEVENTEEN different players catch passes in this game. One of them was newly minted wide receiver Devin Hester, who had 1 catch for 12 yards, and more importantly survived game 1 of this hare brained scheme to make him an offensive player without hurting himself.

REDSKINS 14, TITANS 6 (Halftime- Titans 3-0)

Santana Moss killed my fantasy team last year. He had 2 catches for 48 yards in this game. That guy can literally go fuck himself. The Titans are another team that might be going with a rookie RB this year. Their guy is Chris Henry, a second round pick out of Arizona (not to be confused with Chris Henry, the womanly faced wide receiver for the Bengals who keeps getting arrested). Henry had a good day, carrying 12 times for 42 yards.

RAIDERS 27, CARDINALS 23 (Halftime- Raiders 21-10)

I'm pretty incredulous that the Raiders had 21 points by halftime. Even if 6 of them came on an interception return. Daunte Culpepper made his first appearance for the Raiders, and was not so good. He went 5 of 12 for 78 yards. Matt Leinart also stank pretty bad, completing 5 of 11 for 50 yards. Bryant Johnson caught a 58 yard TD pass from Kurt Warner for Arizona.

SEAHAWKS 24, CHARGERS 16 (Halftime- 7-7)

Hey Chargers, the Birmingham Thunderbolts of the XFL called, they want their uniforms back.

Keep an eye on Chargers WR Malcolm Floyd. He had 65 receiving yards and a TD, and there could be more to come in the real games. Deion Branch caught a 31 yard TD pass for Seattle. Chargers corner and second round pick Eric Weddle had an INT.

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