Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Week 2 Recaps Beeyotch...

(1-1) NINERS 26, (1-1) RAIDERS 21
Daunte Culpepper was 6 for 8 with 2 TD passes. I hold steadfast in my insane belief that he is not finished. Lamont Jordan had 67 yards on 8 carries and a TD. For the Niners, first round LB Patrick Willis had 8 tackles, and Ashley Lelie had 57 receiving yards and a TD. If you're in the 15th or 16th round of your fantasy draft, and scrounging for bottom of the barrell talent, you may want to take a flyer on Culpepper, Jordan, or Lelie, then forget I told you to do so.

(1-1) CHARGERS 30, (1-1) RAMS 13
I love how everyone always wacks off over the Chargers throwback uniforms because of the powder blue jerseys, then they change their uniforms for real, but they change the color of their helmets and not the jerseys. I hate the Chargers powder blue jerseys. You know why? Because Chris Berman loves them. He can go fuck himself. Darren Sproles had an 80 yard punt return TD for SD, and Vincent Jackson caught a six point pass from Philip Rivers. The Chargers pretty much housed the Rams here. I'm going to pick the Rams to win the Super Bowl, just because I know it will drive Patrick insane.

(2-0) PACKERS 48, (1-1) SEAHAWKS 13
God, if giving up 38 points in the first half of a preseason game just doesn't take a big steaming dump over anything your organization has done in its training camp to prepare for the upcoming season, I don't know what does. I know it doesn't really matter what your team does in the preseason, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to do what the Seahawks did in this game. Brandon Jackson ran for 54 yards and a TD for the Pack, and James Jones caught 2 TD passes. Jones has seemingly iced a spot as one of GB's top 3 wideouts, as the Packers released Robert Ferguson after this game. Since I'm all about predictions this week, here's one for ya, the Packers will make the playoffs in 2007. 2007 is this year in case you forgot.

I finish up the Week 2 recaps manana.

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