Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm So Done With Week 2...

(2-0) COWBOYS 31, (1-1) BRONCOS 20
The Broncos had one of those preseason games where everyone gets hurt, then you hear a week's worth of "the preseason is too long...dur dur dur dur dur dee dur". Both of their top 2 running backs, Travis Henry and Mike Bell, went down. Henry had an MRI on his knee done, and the damage isn't anything that should be season threatening. Now I feel stupid for not taking him in the fantasy draft when I had a chance. Looks like that's the end of me.

Marion Barber had a pair of TDs for the Cowboys, and Julius Jones also got in.

Jay Cutler started at QB for the Broncos, and looked not so good, completing only 7 of 13 attempts. Practice squad WR Brian Clark had a 90 yard TD reception, and first round DE Jarvis Moss had a sack for Denver.

(2-1) STEELERS 12, (1-1) REDSKINS 10
Skins QB Jason Campbell got an owy on his knee in this game, so you won't be seeing him any more this preseason. A highly polished veteran player like him doesn't need preseason preparation anyway. The Redskins made news today when they acquired disgruntled Jets O lineman Pete Kendall. I hope he can find a way to gruntle himself now.

Santonio Holmes and Nate Washington combined for 95 receiving yards for the Steelers. Funny story about those two guys, last year I'm in my fantasy playoffs, and Willie Parker has a huge game for me on Thursday night, I'm talking like a 30 point game or something like that. So I figure that the game is a lock for me, so I go online and spend the 10 bucks to pick up Holmes and Washington on waivers for next week's playoff game, because they were both unclaimed and I think Pittsburgh must have had a really easy matchup the next week. Well, all my other players crapped the bed and I lost that playoff game. So I ended up spending 10 bucks for a game that never came. Actually, that story is not as funny as it is long.

(1-1) GIANTS 13, (1-1) RAVENS 12
Eli Manning completed 10 of 13 and threw a TD pass to second round WR Steve Smith, then called Tiki Barber a "girly faced bitch" in the post game press conference. Or maybe I just dreamed that part. Is it "dreamed" or "dreamt"?

Willis McGahee carried 6 times for 3 yards for the Ravens. Uhhh-ohhhhh.

(2-0) BEARS 27, (0-2) COLTS 24
Cedric Benson averaged 2.4 yards on 10 carries against the shall we say "subpar" Colts run defense. UHHHH-OHHHHHH. Rex Grossman turned the ball over three times, fumbling three times and getting picked off once. UHHHH-OHHHHH. Guess he was not able to master how to handle a snap from center since fumbling 9 of them or whatever it was in the Super Bowl. God what I wouldn't give to punch Rex Grossman in the face just once.

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