Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Montenegro Busting Stone Age Racism Techniques

It's finally happened. American and French in turmoil together. During a match in the of a Champions League qualifier between Scotland's Rangers and Montenegro's FK Zeta, American DeMarcus Beasley and French teammate Jean-Claude Darcheville were victims to monkey taunts by the FK Zeta fans after they were butthurt about losing to Beasley's goal.

Monkey taunts? For real?

I know there's a feeling that there's still racism in America, but if a whole crowd did monkey noises during an NBA game...see I can't even imagine it because it wouldn't happen here. Beasley said it best:

'This is the 21st century, and we are still having trouble with it.

'That's not normal, not just for us, black players, that's not normal for all other normal people.'

And he's right. It's not normal...in America. Yeah, America's known to be racist, but at least our racism is more creative than monkey chants. We'll deny jobs, pay less, impose age limits that we know only hurts one race, all subtle shit, but monkey chants? It's like Montenegro is stuck in the stone ages. I'm not sure if I'm more offended by the racism or the stupidity. I want to get mad, but it was a bunch of Neanderthals making animal noises. Nice job, dipshits.

Are we that afraid of competition, Montenegro, or that afraid of DIFFERENT COLORED PEOPLE that we have to bust out the monkey chant bombshell? Take your loss, bitches. I have never heard of this country until this incident so I had to look that shit up on Wikipedia. Montenegro was only recognized as a real country LAST YEAR. WAY TO START YOUR YEAR, A-HOLES. What do you do for an encore? Are you going to makes rice references when you see Asians? Are you going to Google some racist jokes from kkk.com? At least you'll be more updated in your racism...like 1960.

Go back to the bottom of the toilet bowel where you came from, Montenegro, and make sure you say hi to your family down there, Ass Mildew and Shitstain.

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